Dolphin Fiesta.

Each year, Puerto del Carmen Old Town celebrates the festival 'Senora del Carmen'. This is a ceremony where a statue of the Virgin of Carmen is taken from the local church, paraded to the harbour and placed on a local fishing boat which leads a procession of boats out to sea.

This year we also headed out with the procession and then skirted around the flotilla of boats and motored out to the deeper waters.

Soon, we were approached by a large pod of very excited and animated Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. To say that they surrounded us was not an exaggeration!

Suddenly, we also had Bottlenose dolphins mixed in with the Spotted dolphins and we had close to 400 dolphins around us.

The Bottlenose Dolphins were even more excited and we realised they were mating!

We were treated to a fantastic display of acrobatics as they leaped and chased all around us.

And then, just as they had suddenly appeared, they disappeared. We were so lucky to have witnessed this great show.

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