Wayne, Liz & Bethany, are regular visitors to Lanzarote and loyal customers of Sea Safaris Lanzarote. After a few very enjoyable Sea Safaris exploring the coastline along from Puerto Calero they still hadn't seen any dolphins or whales whilst out with us. For us this was very frustrating as we regularly see them. However, not put, off Wayne, Liz & Bethany continued to come out with us. They have seen Cory's Shearwaters, Grey Herons, Egyptian Vultures and, on one trip a Blue Marlin - but still no Dolphins! And then, one morning we headed out early and they were rewarded with a pod of Rough Toothed Dolphins, swiftly followed by a 200 strong pod of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. Smiles all round 😀😀😀! And we know they will be back to see us again on their next visit to Lanzarote, because now they have seen the dolphins once they will see them again and again!

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